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My Father, My Friend, My Future State Representative

I am a farmer’s daughter. Being a farm kid was a privilege in disguise. It, without a doubt, made me who I am today. But I have more than just the farm to thank for that; I also have to thank my dad.

Because of him, I know the real meaning of hard work, commitment, dedication and respect. These qualities aren’t just critical on the farm; they’re also the foundation for the kind of representative District 95 needs in the Iowa House. My Dad embodies these qualities – and more.

Cowboy boots and country roots
My dad has lived, worked and worn boots in District 95 his entire life. His roots here are deep, and he has showed me the importance of caring for the community in which our roots are buried. Whether he was caring for the land beneath us, the animals before us, or the people beside us, he put others before himself. I remember one Christmas Eve, while my Mom, sisters and I were putting out cookies for Santa; my Dad was a few miles down the road pulling someone out of the ditch. He was always doing whatever he could to be a good neighbor, to strengthen his roots in District 95.

Getting back in the saddle
Growing up on the farm wasn’t always easy. There were bumps and bruises; falls and tumbles; and maybe a few tears. No matter what happened my Dad always told me to get back in the saddle (and put peroxide on it)! I remember in high school, having the potential to take first place in a horse show class at the Iowa State Fair. I was nervous, I forgot the pattern and I placed last. But because of the lessons I’ve learned from my dad, I kept a smile on my face anyway. Because he taught me how to persevere, he taught to get back in the saddle.

Make hay when the sun shines
It’s no secret that hard work and farming go hand in hand. My Dad showed me what it really means to work hard. Up before the sun rises and working in the field long after the sun sets, my Dad doesn’t stop until the work is done. But work, for my Dad, extends beyond the field. He will work just as hard for the members of District 95.

Our Families. Our Iowa. Our Future.
My Dad is committed to three things: the farm, his family and the future of Iowa. He is so much more than just a farmer. My dad is part of the <1% in production agriculture that help feed the 319 million people in the United States. He’s a businessman, a weatherman, a mechanic, a volunteer, a friend and part of the reason Iowa is great. He gives 110 percent to everything he does – and being a District 95 Representative will be no different. I would appreciate your support of my dad, Louie Zumbach, on November 8, 2016.

Brandy (Zumbach) Meisheid